Church Renewal

l encourage you to prayerfully consider trekking to Manitoba with me for the Church Renewal Conference at Southland Church, January 26 -29, 2018.

Here are two links that will help you do your own research into what this is all about.

To register as part of the "Rockland" Group, you can use this link:

The cost of the retreat is $139.00, plus travel and accommodation*. Each person is responsible for their own costs! (if you register as part of the group, please pay the registration cost to me, as groups are registered in one payment.

*You will see that the option to ask for a billet is on the registration form- I recommend the billet option, not only for the cost savings, but to get a chance to meet ordinary members of the church. If you want a billet, you must give them one month to arrange it! (Register by Christmas!)